Tamara (black_vinegar) wrote in diva_blends,

Lyric Banners

I'm making lyric banners today. No real reason for it except boredom. Behind the cut, there's AFI, Blink-182, Something Corporate, Boxcar Racer and Mest. Not much girly stuff as of yet, but request it and it shall be done. All of the ones below the 3rd are filled requests... So get requesting because I'm fucking bored.

Graphics behind LJ cut, along with request form.

Lyrics taken from Here's Your Letter by Blink-182 (Yes, I love them, if you don't like them... Well poo to you =0P)

Lyrics from Violence by Blink-182.

Lyrics from Airports by Something Corporate.

Lyrics from There Is by Boxcar Racer.

The second version of the one above this.

Lyrics from Meet You There by Simple Plan... Maybe? I know it's Simple Plan...

Lyrics from Walking On Broken Glass by Mest.

Lyrics from... I have no idea, actually.

Lyrics from AFI

No idea...

Lyrics from Boulevard Of Broken Dreams by Green Day

Request Form
Background colour:
Font(from dafont.com):
Font colour:
Anything else:

I'll take as many requests as you can give, but some of you might have a 3 week wait...
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